Women, Shamanism
Bear Medicine

A Three Day Workshop
Susan Gilliland and Laurie Levon

Thursday September 13, 4PM
Sunday September 16, 2PM, 2001
Sequoia Seminar Retreat Center,
Ben Lomond, (Santa Cruz County), CA

This residential workshop is an introduction to the major shamanic themes and activities of BearMedicine. All cultures in the Northern Hemisphere perceive Bear as a special teacher and kin of humans. There are Bear Dreamers, Doctors, Dancers, and special Bear ceremonies. All these activities related to Bear acknowledge a process of transformation which Bear both teaches and symbolizes. Bear is considered the Supreme Physician and during these three days, we will learn some of these basic healing ways. In many cultures, women who practiced the way of Bear carried knowledge and spiritual connections essential to both the health of the people and the prospering of the land and other inhabitants. All of us have some deep ancestral lineage to Women who walked with Bear. We come to awaken this wisdom carried in our bones.

Sequoia Seminar is located among redwood trees, oaks, madrone and waterfalls in the lush Santa Cruz mountains. This is an environment in which Bear recently roamed and where we can connect with her spirit. We will learn from the stones, plants, and water which were her sources of food and healing. Exploring both the physical and spiritual realms through which She moves allows us to integrate and embody the power, ecstasy, healing, and spiritual sure-footedness that is the way of Women Who Walk with Bear. Activities planned include journeying, ancestral work, stories, dreams, and making masks.

If you are interested in reading more about Bear Medicine go to The BearCave, a selection of Carol's writings about Bear Medicine.

$415 ($265 R&B; $150 Tuition) double occupancy; $505 ($355 R&B; $150 Tuition) single occupancy. These fees include all costs except travel to and from the retreat center.

A deposit of $150 is due by June 1, 2001. Make check payable to Susan Gilliland and send to: One Sky Ranch, 6233 Sonoma Mountain Road, Santa Rosa, CA 95404. The balance is due August 1, 2001

Refund Policy:
If cancellation is received by July 1, your deposit minus a $50 administrative fee will be refunded. For cancellations received after August 15th, no refund will be made.

Preference will be given to those with shamanic journey skills. This workshop is now a prerequisite for the Advanced Bear Medicine Workshops led by Carol Proudfoot-Edgar and assisted by Pirkko Miller, Susan Gilliland, and Laurie Levon. Registrations for the Advanced Bear Medicine workshops have increased significantly and will now be restricted to those with prior instruction in BearMedicine.

For more information: Contact either Susan or Laurie:
Susan Gilliland, email: susan@gilliland.net
Laurie Levon, email: evrchgwmn@theriver.com.

Updates and supplemental information are available at Carol Proudfoot-Edgar’s website: www.shamanicvisions.com in the workshop area. This site also has a registration form and other related materials.

About the Instructors:
Susan Gilliland and Laurie Levon have been studying Bear Medicine and working with Carol Proudfoot-Edgar for the past nine years and are shamanic practitioners.

Susan has traveled extensively on all seven continents and has studied traditional wisdom with shamans in Nepal and South America. She is on the council of Tending Sacred Circles, a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting shamanic circles throughout the world. She has an MBA and is a rancher, environmental activist and private investor in Sonoma County, CA.

Laurie has been a clinical social worker in private practice for the last fourteen years in Tucson, AZ. She is also a visual artist whose work reflects shamanic themes. Until recently, she performed with Bloodhut Productions, a women’s theater collective that presents works based on their personal stories.

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Women, Shamanism and Bear Medicine

Workshop with Susan Gillliland and Laurie Levon
At Sequoia Seminar Retreat Center, Ben Lomond, CA
Thursday, September 13, to Sunday, September 16, 2001



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Make checks payable to Susan Gilliland and send to
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