Shamanism and

Bear Medicine

Susan Gilliland and Laurie Levon

March 15(Friday eve), 16 & 17, 2002

at the Beautiful Marsh House,
on South Whidbey Island, WA (near Seattle)

Program: This residential workshop is an introduction to the major shamanic themes and activities of BearMedicine. All cultures in the Northern Hemisphere perceive Bear as a special teacher and kin of humans. There are Bear Dreamers, Doctors, Dancers, and special Bear ceremonies. All these activities related to Bear acknowledge a process of transformation which Bear both teaches and symbolizes. Bear is considered the Supreme Physician and during these three days, we will learn some of these basic healing ways. In many cultures, women who practiced the way of Bear carried knowledge and spiritual connections essential to both the health of the people and the prospering of the land and other inhabitants. All of us have some deep ancestral lineage to Women who walked with Bear. We come to awaken this wisdom carried in our bones.

The Marsh House is located in a serene natural setting on the beautiful island of Whidbey, in the Puget Sound. By working in a place of nature, we can connect with Bear's spirit, and learn from the stones, plants, and water which were her sources of food and healing. Activities planned include journeying, ancestral work, stories, dreams, and making masks.

For those who may have previously taken an introductory Bear Medicine workshop with Carol Proudfoot-Edgar, on Whidbey Island or in other locations, there will be new ways of doing this work introduced in this retreat.

About the Instructors: Susan Gilliland and Laurie Levon have been studying Bear Medicine and working with Carol Proudfoot-Edgar for the past nine years and are shamanic practitioners.

Susan has traveled extensively on all seven continents and has studied traditional wisdom with shamans in Nepal and South America. She is on the council of Shamanic Circles, a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting shamanic circles throughout the world. She has an MBA and is a rancher, environmental activist and private investor in Sonoma County, CA.

Laurie has been a clinical social worker in private practice for the last fourteen years in Tucson, AZ. She is also a visual artist whose work reflects shamanic themes. Until recently, she performed with Bloodhut Productions, a women's theater collective that presents works based on their personal stories

Personal Endorsement for Susan Gilliland and Laurie Levon by Carol Proudfoot-Edgar

The gift of BearMedicine to the Humans, with its special emphasis on WomenWalking with Bear, is for those willing to learn Her Ways, and for those whose spiritual lineage imbues their Soul with a Call that must be answered.

Part of “answering” requires sharing these wisdom ways with other women...passing on the medicine. Laurie and Susan walk with this Call. And for nine years they've practiced the discipline necessary for learning and teaching Her Ways. It is a joy to work with them. They are members of the BearMedicine teaching Clan.

Carol Proudfoot-Edgar introduced “Women & Bear Medicine” into contemporary shamanism and teaches advanced workshops in Bear Shamanism.

Eligibility*: Preference will be given to those with shamanic journey skills. This workshop is now a prerequisite for the Advanced Bear Medicine Workshops led by Carol Proudfoot-Edgar and assisted by Pirkko Miller, Susan Gilliland, and Laurie Levon. Registrations for the Advanced Bear Medicine workshops have increased significantly and will now be restricted to those with prior instruction in BearMedicine.

Supplemental information is available at Carol Proudfoot-Edgar's website: www.shamanicvisions.com in the workshop area.

Registration: Early registration is advised, as this workshop will be capped at 24 people.
$185 (tuition) + 25 (facility day-use fee) +7 (mask supplies) + 33 (Sat. lunch, Sat. dinner, Sun. lunch; there will be evening sessions on Friday and Saturday) = 250.00 if received by February 22, 2002;

$205 + 25 +7 + 33 = 270.00 if received after February 22, 2002. To secure your spot in this workshop, please mail a check made payable in the above amount to Janine Ellison, PO Box 82, Clinton, WA 98236 (360) 341-1586.

Map, directions and additional information will be sent upon receipt of tuition.

The workshop will begin at 7:30 pm on Friday. An optional dinner is available that evening at 6:00 pm, for an additional cost of 13.00 (can be included in other check.)

Reasonable on-site accommodations are available Friday, Saturday and Sunday. You may stay 1, 2 or 3 nights. Please call or email Janine before sending your tuition for detailed information on accommodations and to reserve your sleeping space. * Instruction on shamanic journeying is available, on an individual or small-group basis, with Janine Ellison, Shamanic Practitioner, prior to the workshop. Please call Janine for details. Janine can also refer you to a qualified shamanic practitioner in your geographical area.

Please note this cancellation policy: Cancellations received 15 or more days prior to the event, will be refunded in full, less a $25 cancellation fee.

Cancellations received less than 15 days prior to the event are handled as follows: There is no refund available on the tuition. For the meals and lodging portion of the event, a refund is available if the cancellation is received 3 or more days prior to the event. No refund available thereafter.
There are no exceptions to this cancellation policy. Thank You.

For more information call, write or email Janine Ellison,
(360) 341-1586 (24-hour voicemail) * PO Box 82, Clinton, WA 98236
email: ellison@whidbey.com