(Revised February 6, 2002)

August 15–18, 2002

Exploring Different Ways of Journeying and Ecstastic Experiences (Renewing our Path and our Circles)

A Shamanic Retreat with Sandra Ingerman & Carol Proudfoot-Edgar
Sequoia Retreat Center, Santa Cruz County, California

A Hopi friend of mine said to me “shamans take their bodies with them when they journey.” He shared this with me in the early 1990's and this statement had quite an impact on me. I have been working with this understanding ever since. (Sandy)

I have been concerned that the fullness of ourselves as humans has not been fully engaged as we learn from ancient ways and evolve new shamanic practices. In a journey in Montana a few years ago, Bear said to me: “I come to you fully embodied; please learn the power of so coming to and joining with me” and that's been my quest these last few years: embodied shamanic practice. This last Sept in Montana, the spirits indicated they needed our help more; they have been blessing us, now they need us to work more closely with them for change in the world to occur and the only passage for this was through journeys and experiences in which our full beings are engaged here on this planet while still in deep alignment, if not merged, with our spirit helpers. (Carol)

This understanding is expressed, too, in the metaphor of "walking in both worlds at the same time." A way of doing shamanism where we start to once again open the veils between the worlds, dissolving the separation between ordinary reality and non-ordinary reality. At this retreat, we will be using movement and song in order to go deeper into our shamanic journey having a full body experience and learning how to stay present with our spiritual experience. Thus can be spirits dance with us once again and, partnered with us, help bring transformation.

We shall continue from this expanded state of consciousness to connect with and learn more from nature—bringing our spiritual practice to embrace all that surrounds and provides for us on this planet.

Ceremony is critical to all shamanic peoples for through ceremony the eternal and the temporal are joined, the transpersonal and the mundane. Since ancient times, the reenactment of life and death present at planting and harvest times honored the relationship of humans with the larger natural governing all activities on Earth. Such ceremonies created a deep state of richness and meaning in both individual and communal life. We shall once again learn how to stir the pot of spiritual passion by mixing together the sacred and the ordinary for true transformation to occur.

Individuals interested in this workshop need to have a sense of exploration, openness to shamanic adventures, and hold the Circle as our Vessel of Power. For many of us and in many Drum Circles, we seek to go beyond what we know and practice now in terms of ways to journey, we seek to enliven and make more manifest the healing powers of shamanism. That’s the focus of this workshop. In addition to personal learning, we hope participants will take what they find valuable in this workshop and share with their Circles.

Location of retreat: Sequoia Retreat Center is a beautiful place nestles among the great redwoods of the Santa Cruz Mountains. Our meeting space is quite beautiful, the cabins are very comfortable, there are many hiking trails, the land is full of ancient and contemporary spirits, and the food is good. The Center is located in Ben Lomond (Santa Cruz County) and is about 40 minutes from the San Jose airport and 2 1/2 hours from San Francisco International. Once registrations are completed, Pirkko will send more details about travel to and from the retreat center.

Total Fees: $620.60 (double occupancy (Tuition = $330; lodging $290.60 (double occupancy) $380.60 (Single occupancy) We cannot guarantee single occupancy but will try to accommodate such requests if possible.

If interested, send a deposit of $200. Make check payable to our coordinator and send to her:
Pirkko Miller
PO Box 1465
Warsaw, Indiana 46581

The remainder is due by June 30, 2002.

Cancellation policy: if cancellation is received by May 1st, complete funds minus the deposit will be returned to you. Any cancellations after May 1st, no refund available. If space is not available since this workshop is filling, we will refund all money sent to us, including your deposit.

You will be receiving more information on how to prepare and what to bring the first of June when we have our roster of participants.

Please contact our coordinator for any questions you have. Pirkko Miller email: swanwoman@kconline.com