June 14 – 15

This workshop has been postponed until further notice. Newdate to be determined for early 2004
Shamanism and our Animal Companions

Leaders: Carol Proudfoot-Edgar & Dan Jordinelli

There is little that separates humans from other
Sentient beings—we all feel pain, we all feel joy,
We all deeply crave to be alive and live freely,
And we all share this planet together.

We share food, home, land and create relationships of interdependency with our Animal Companions. Whether they are from the land, the sky, the waters, we humans have chosen, and been chosen, by a rich variety of creatures with whom we share our EarthWalk—whom we humans call our animal companions. Their lifespans are often shorter than ours so it is not unusual to be present for their birthing, living, and their departure from our lives.

The shamanic path and the mystic traditions that include interspecies communication call us to tend and perceive these relationships as magical and wonderful sources of knowledge, wisdom, teaching, and healing. In addition, they offer us an opportunity to infuse our daily lives with inspirited relationships.

Formal shamanic courses often focus on our power animals and teachers as Beings inhabiting invisible and other-than Earthly realms. Yet throughout history, we see in stone, burial grounds, and artistic depictions, how sages and shamans are accompanied by some animal being (sometimes called ‘the Familiar.’) Many are the songs and stories of our ancestors that relate to the strength of these connections and to the power that is bestowed through these relationships when we tend them from a spiritual perspective.

In this workshop, we shall focus on two aspects of our relationship with these Companions. First, how to apply shamanic methods in our lives with these Kin (extraction, soul retrieval, divination, assisting the soul in birthing and/or in departing Earth and our lives).

Second, how to connect with the power and knowledge that is available from these companions—from their Ancestors, their way of sensing and knowing the natural world, and from how they relate with other Creatures. As with our invisible spirit helpers, these animal companions offer us access to wisdom, power, and knowledge not available from humans alone. The highest respect we can pay them is to acknowledge this and to share together what uniquely we have to offer each other.

After registration is completed, more information will be sent about special preparations for this unusual shamanic workshop, including what we wish you to bring with you that is connected to your Animal Companion (s)….whether living or dead. In mid-April, the ShamanicVisions website will begin posting pictures, stories, and materials related to this weekend.

Location: This course will be taught at Holy Spirit Retreat Center, located at 4316 Lanai Rd. Encino, California. This is a lovely eleven acre retreat center located in the San Fernando Valley (central to both LA airports).

Costs = $210. This includes lunch and dinner on Saturday; lunch on Sunday for participants plus tuition/expenses.
Registration, Lodging, and Cancellation

For registrations received by May 1st. the cost is $210.
For registrations received after May 1st, 2003 the cost is $225.
Lodging accommodations are available at extra and very reasonable costs and must be made with Pirkko, the coordinator.

To register: You may register by sending a deposit of $75 to Pirkko Miller (the coordinator) or you can pay by credit card using the credit card online services available at www. shamanicvisions.com. You can only pay by credit card through using this web service. Send your registration (by mail) and check (payable to ShamanicVisions) to
Pirkko Miller, PO Box 1465, Warsaw, Indiana 46581
Phone (574) 834 – 3460; Email: swanwoman@kconline.com

Cancellation Policy: Cancellation Policy: For cancellations received by mid-May (May 16) 2003, all deposits will be returned minus a $50 rental/business fee. For cancellations received after May 16th 2003, no refunds will be made.
If you would like one of Carol Proudfoot-Edgar’s brochures or other information related to 2003 Workshops with Carol and her colleages, Pirkko can send you the most recent brochure. Or you can visit Carol’s website: www.shamanicvisions.com which carries complete descriptions, registration forms, and online credit card registration. If you have any questions, please contact Pirkko who will be working with Carol and Dan at Holy Spirit Retreat Center.

Let one decide upon their favorite animal and make a study of this animal—may one learn to understand the animal's sounds and motions. The animals want to communicate with humans but Wakan-Tanka does not intend they shall do so directly—humans must do the greater part in securing an understanding.
Brave Buffalo, Stand Rock