updated June 8, 2004
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March 3, 2004

Dear Friends,

I am astonished by how seemingly quickly the months have passed since my surgery in late Fall. I have definitely been under the Blanket of Healing these months, learning that my surgery was more demanding and challenging of me than I had expected. I am still very much in the recovering phase. I continue to feel very supported and loved by those of you in the shamanic community; I understand more deeply how precious and powerful is the bond that is the Circle of Friends.

I will not be resuming my teaching full time until next year. This allows me full recovery and the opportunity to integrate into my work what I have been learning during this profound time of transformation. Having been through life-threatening surgery, learning that the tissue removed from my pancreas contained abnormal cells which if not removed, most likely would have become cancerous and rapidly metastasize. So although the surgery and recovery has been demanding, there is this gift of life I have received…we never know for how long yet for Now, I am conscious that this current journey will have profound influences on my teaching – how could it not?

I will be teaching at Blacktail Ranch in Wolf Creek, Montana this Fall…..BearMedicine is the area so congruent with healing, with aligning our healing ways with those of Earth herself,  and the continued Art of Circling that it seems so obvious to me that the first teaching I shall be doing is with Bear and all that BearMedicine entails. This retreat is from Thurs. August 26 – Thursday, Sept. 2nd. If you are interested in this and/or know some other women who are interested, please contact the coordinator for this retreat: Pirkko Miller, swanwoman@kconline.com
For those of you who have been to Blacktail Ranch before, there are new lodging facilities available. We now have three choices of places to lodge and Pirkko can give you the information regarding these changes.

Just as daffodils are beginning to appear and in some areas, even Bears are stirring from Winter sleep, I feel the faint stirrings within me to some increased strength. As you can imagine there is much I want to do around my home, my work, my writing. I shall do me with the even pacing that balanced between the worlds.

And with more awakening, I shall return and do some writing at this website. That is one way to keep relationship with all of you and with Spirit, until I resume teaching more fully.

Again, many, many thanks to all of you who have held me in prayer….I have felt and been nourished by your support. May we continue to care and tend for one another when called and as needed.
Love and blessings,

Calendar 2004

Ninth Annual Women Healers Retreat
March 26 - 28, 2004
Ben Lomond, CA
Bridging Modern Medicine and Traditional Healing
Contact: Dr. Roz Shorenstein; email: Rozshorenstein@aol.com

August 26 - Sept 2nd, 2004
Women, Shamanism and BearMedicine
Blacktail Ranch, Wolf Creek, Montana
Contact: Pirkko Miller
Email:  swanwoman@kconline.com

For more information about BearMedicine work, please go to prior descriptions of these retreats. These descriptions include photographic material on Blacktail Ranch, Wolf Creek, MT and material developed for previous retreats. Another area, BearCave Writings contains material about various shamanic medicine practices and stories related to BearMedicine. These various web pages will give one a sense for the focus of BearMedicine and the land within which this medicine is learned and taught.

These advanced retreats vary greatly from year to year yet the intention remains the same: to do the work to which Spirits are callilng us in these very specialized areas - which involves working individually and collectively. Complete information, including costs, lodging, and preparations can be gotten from the coordinator for each retreat.

I am especially looking forward to the return to Blacktail Ranch and to WalkingWithBear....walking with other women discovering  this medicine. This last Fall was the first time in 12 years that I have not circled with others under the tutelage of BearSpirit. My yearning to do so is great - my whole heart and being leans into this coming Fall.

new listing
Oct 22 – 24, 2004
Walking in Both Worlds: The Art of Teaching Shamanism
Aldersgate Retreat Center, Pacific Palisades (Los Angeles Area), CA
Contact:Dan Jordinelli
Email: jordinelli@earthlink.net