Part II: Intensive Training for WOMEN:
Women, Shamanism and BearMedicine

October 23-26, 2003 (4 days/3 nights)
Kellogg Conference Center at Gull Lake, Michigan
With Carol Proudfoot-Edgar
& assisted by Pirkko Miller

Sponsored by Stephanie Tighe & Kate Durda (Spirit Weavers)

(Pre-requisite is Part I, OR other Women and BearMedicine Introductory training).

The Circle of Women walking this path together grows and grows…and we keep finding new ways of supporting one another in our practice and work when we return to our homelands: sharing the wisdom and ways of BearMedicine.” (Carol Proudfoot-Edgar).

We are very pleased and excited to sponsor Carol Proudfoot-Edgar for the second of a two part Intensive Training Series on Women , Shamanism and BearMedicine here in the Midwest. Carol introduced”Women & Bear Medicine” into contemporary shamanism and will be teaching this workshop: Advanced “WOMEN, SHAMANISM and BEAR MEDICINE”. (Please see Carol’s Entry for her Sept 11-17th, 2003 workshop “Women, Shamanism and Bear Medicine and her other writings on her website for a current update of BearMedicine).
This is a 4 day residential workshop in we will continue to learn about the major shamanic themes and activities of Bear Medicine. In many cultures, women who practiced the way of Bear carried knowledge and spiritual connections essential to both the health of the people and the prospering of the land and other inhabitants. All of us have some deep ancestral lineage to Women who walked with Bear. We come to awaken this wisdom carried in our bones.
Carol writes, “During my questing time, new worlds and teachers made themselves known to me and they now become part of the ever widening circle of Bear’s relatives with whom we are to work and play. When I speak of “Bear” it is important to remember that I am referring to SheBear as the primal female archetype—coming into the World before ever did humans and human female archetypes…and that SheBear carries all qualities, all cycles, and wisdom of the Woman’s Way of Knowing in shamanism.

And what we need to learn together, practice, and share with others in the world are the ways, the rites, the essential ceremonies that are appropriate for our times. Their principles are eternal; their form can shift over the ages. We are called to understand the principles and to find the forms that embrace them: thus to mend the hoop, the web, and restore harmony. We begin with ourselves, our Circle, and from there we go forth and share as appropriate to each of us in our own expressive uniqueness.
Yet Bear too is in a Hoop of other relatives and each has something to teach, some wisdom necessary for us. What’s significant in the old stories is that in the Council of Animals, it is Bear that imparts to each their special powers, assigns their roles, and that is why she is considered the Supreme Keeper of the Wilderness (of nature). That is why we are gifted with being ‘part Bear’ –that’s what the old, old story is all about: we are part Bear, we partake in Bear’s essence. And this is critical for us to know; it is important to awaken that essential part of ourselves for therein may we walk with beauty and wisdom in the world. Through journeys and activities that connect us with Bear, we learn the ‘ways’ of others and how to live in the Hoop of good relationship.”
Black Bears still roam in Michigan, and although not currently present at Gull Lake, their Spirits will be with us. Learning and practicing “good relationship”, and working in harmony with the spirits of this place, and nature, we can connect with Bear’s spirit, and learn from the stones, plants, and water which were her sources of food and healing.

This training will be held at Kellogg Biological Station (KBS) Conference Center situated on beautiful Gull Lake in southwest Michigan. The Conference Center
(see, is located on the former W. K. Kellogg 34 acre estate, which includes more than a quarter mile of Gull Lake shoreline, a beautiful wooded and gardened area. Ancient beeches and cedars, a marsh pond abounding with wildlife, herons and bald eagles will be some of our companions in our journeywork.

Eligibility: Pre-requisite is Part I: Women, Shamanism, and BearMedicine (Michigan) or other Introductory Bear Medicine.

Part I begins at lunch with on Thursday, October 23rd. First session will begin at 2:00pm
We will end on Sunday October 26th at 3:00pm. Be aware that we will meet for evening sessions on Thursday, Friday and Saturday as well as meet during the day.

There are two lodging arrangements available.
*Apartment–accommodating two people, have kitchenette, bathroom bedroom with two single beds, and living area with two singles.
*Bunk–bunk houses contains approx. 8 bunks, has recently remodeled living /lounge area, and shared bathrooms.

Registration: Workshops costs will be available in May 2003, please check back then, and/or contact us to receive a workshop flyer. Registration Form and costs will be made available in July. When available, please print this and send to us! Thanks!

Early registration is advised, as we anticipate great interest in this training.
FYI DUE DATES to plan for.
By September 1, 2003 Early Registration ($30 discount)
By September 24, 2003 Final full payment is due

To reserve your space in the workshop, a minimum deposit of $200 is needed
Please mail your check made payable to :
Kate Durda , 3415 W. Needmore Hwy, Charlotte, MI 48813 (517) 5434 6754.

Map, directions and additional information will be sent upon receipt of tuition.

Early Arrivals
The workshop will begin at 2:00pm on Thursday. Lunch will be available that day

For those arriving on Wednesday, October 22nd–On-site accommodations and optional meals will be available-Additional costs will be published in May, 2003.

Cancellation Policy
Please note this cancellation policy:
Cancellations received PRIOR to October 8th, 2003, receive refund minus $50.
After this date, no refunds will be made. This policy is necessary to help us meet our commitment to the facility. There are no exceptions to this cancellation policy.
Thank you for respecting this.

To register, please copy Registration Form and send in payment.
For more information call, write or email
Kate Durda
(517) 543-6754

3415 W. Needmore Hwy, Charlotte, MI 48813-8636