Women, Shamanism, and BearMedicine
Sept 8 – 14, 2005

Intensive experiential 7-day retreat
Blacktail Ranch, Wolf Creek, Montana (2 hrs. from Great Falls, MT)
Assisted by Susan Gilliland and Pirkko Miller

While questing in the Colorado San Juan Mountains, I encountered a Mother Bear and her two cubs. From that encounter a Covenant I made; to learn Her ways and work with Her in Circles with Women.

This retreat in September marks 14 years of explorations, research, and foraging with other women as we track and walk with Bear in all her realms: Sky (Ursa Major), Earth (roaming the Land), and Within the Earth (Cave and Interiors). Under her tutelage do we learn how sacred are our paws, our hands; how she holds the souls of those entering and those leaving this earthly plane; and gathers in her healing cave, the lost souls waiting to be retrieved and taken home. There is no place in Wilderness She does not know and so to walk with her, to wilderness within and without one must go. She is known as the Supreme Physician, the Keeper of the Worlds, the Guardian of the Woods, the Mother-who-never-sleeps, the One Whose Fire will Never Die, and the one who Rebirths the World every Spring. All these names for her indicate powers, teachings, and medicine She has imparted and continues to share over the years. My Covenant with Her is to learn how to assist in tending all those activities implied in her many names including being HoneyPaws or as someone once said, “to fill my hives, my home, with honey and wax thus sharing with others the two noblest of things, which are Sweetness and Light.”

Every year new visions, ceremonies, healing ways, and teachings are revealed to the Circles focused on BearMedicine. If you are interested in participating, please fill in the registration form, send your payment(s), and mail to Pirkko Miller.

Registration Information for Women, Shamanism and BearMedicine
Sept 8 – 14, 2005

The Place
To learn more about Blacktail Ranch, visit previous BearMedicine workshop descriptions (2004, 2002), and especially a collection of images shown this link. You can also visit the ranch web site

Workshop Costs and Payment Schedule

Cost: $1190 for 7 days and 6 nights ($170 per day).
The fees above do not include airfare, travel, and shuttle service from the airport and to the Ranch. Shuttle service is provided from the Great Falls airport on a group charter basis at $30 each way or $55 round trip. Pirkko will be coordinating flight arrangements and shuttle service with the Ranch. A month prior to our gathering, more information will be sent about preparation to make and what to bring.

Cancellation and Refund Policy: If you cancel before August 1, 2005, your payments minus a $150 administrative fee shall be completely refunded to you. If you cancel after August 1st, no refund is made. If some emergency arises either with Blacktail Ranch and/or with the workshop leader, causing cancellation of this retreat, your money will be completely refunded.

We have worked hard to keep these retreat costs as affordable as possible. We have managed to keep our costs the same for several years now. If for some reason, the payment schedule presents you with difficulties, please discuss this with Pirkko. Adjustment can be made up to August 1st when complete payment is due. If you wish to pay by credit card you can only do this directly through Pirkko.

To register, complete the Registration Form form and enclose a $250 registration deposit. Final payment should be received by August 1st, 2005.
For further information, contact Pirkko Miller at swanwoman@kconline.com
or (574) 834-3460