Shamanism and BearMedicine

   August 18th, 19th &20th 2006,
at Rosemont Pa.

   Bear as Shaman in all Realms

   Led by Carol Proudfoot-Edgar
   assisted by Susan Gilliland & Pirkko Miller
   (for men and women)

   For the past fourteen years, BearMedicine has been offered primarily to and for women. During the last two years, however, the GuardianSpirit of this path has made clear that now is the time for BearMedicineWays to be introduced in Circle with both men and women. It is important for us together to rediscover and explore the ancient practices that are the basis for profound health among many of our ancestors and continuing into the Present. Participants should be prepared for intensive shamanic work integrating teaching with journeys, ecstatic merging with Bear, Bear ceremonies, stories, songs, and dance.

   Through activities weaving the healing and dreaming powers of 
BearMedicine, we will focus on the following:
   1) Bear Turns the World - Powers of Upper World/Sky Bear
   2) Bear Shows the Way - Powers of Middle World/EarthBear
   3) Bear Births the World - Powers of Lower World/CaveBear
   4) Bear Dreams the World - Powers of the Dreamtime

   Journeys will be done to contact BearSpirit in all Realms, and to connect with our Ancestral practitioners of BearMedicine. Participants will be surprised, inspired, and filled with gratitude when they learn how Bear has been our close and essential Guardian Companion since we followed Bear's tracks out of Africa and in all crossings of great waters and lands.

   As all indigenous people, and our ancestors, consider Bear to be the great physician, participants may find another member on their shamanic healing team (if they don't already work with Bear). Participants will also journey to find ancestors who practiced this medicine and can impart healing wisdom.

Place or Site of Workshop
   Cornelia Connelley Center, Rosemont, Pa.
$300.00 includes breakfasts and dinner Saturday. A deposit will hold your spot.
Veronica Lamb for more information,
e-mail or call 610-626-3036

The small number of sleeping rooms at the Center have been taken. If you are registering and need lodging, more information is available about options in the area.