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(written Jan 7, 2007…)

In my announcement of the Montana Shamanism and BearMedicine workshop, I describe briefly the power of this Wintering time here in the Northern Hemisphere. I am continually impressed by how peoples living intimately with EarthMother’s seasonal behaviors know how to 

"Winter themselves, Spring themselves,
Autumn themselves, or Summer themselves”.

When living thus, then the names of seasons are not nouns but rather verbs: that is, the names indicate activity, active behaviors.

The names are especially powerful through the lens of the Verb form because the Verb

(e.g., “I now Winter me” -- “I am Springing myself”
“I am Falling Me/Åutumning myself”  --  “I Summer me”)

enables us to perceive that the arrival of particular seasons becomes the triggering point for all that follows during those months.  Furthermore the womb of all that will follow, e.g., certain beings, issues, behaviors, or events….are indicated by the verb. If we perceive the seasonal name as a verb and we act in accordance with the verb, then surely will we harmonize ourselves with Nature’s rhythms. Is not this one goal of shamanism? Isn’t the underlying tenet of shamanic practice the assumption that if I live as one with nature flowing through and around me, then shall I walk in balance.

I experience Wintering as the time of cloaking myself, of gathering within…of bracing myself  “for the many ways in which fierce weather can seep into…homes and bones..”  And just as peoples sing about beautiful places on Earth while warming themselves by the center fire, so too I begin thinking of the beautiful places on Earth. And as I deepen further into my Winter self, I begin dreaming of the places, and the work in those places, that call me to prepare for the coming seasons…such preparations and reflections permeate this particular DreamingTime with the heat of long hours in shamanic states of consciousness.

On this fifth day of January, I am just beginning my plans for 2007…there is still some Wintering dreaming to be done…and I will update this calendar as plans unfold. Generally I know my workshop schedule for the first six months by the end of February and the complete year by June. If you are interested in participating in some Circle retreat, then I invite you to revisit this page accordingly.

Also if you would like for me to offer a workshop in your area of the country, then you can write me or Pirkko Miller, the coordinator for ShamanicVisions, to see what is involved in sponsoring a workshop. Those of us teaching together are also looking for other retreat centers at which we can do shamanic work. We are especially interested in California sites and/or places in wildernesst yet accessible from nearby airports. I am concerned about the increasing cost of many retreat centers. I have not raised my tuition for several years because I want shamanic teaching to be affordable. During these same years, however, I have watched the cost of places in which to teach nearly quadruple. This also means some people need scholarships if they study shamanism under these circumstances. I encourage those of you who can contribute to such scholarships, to do so. You can make tax-deductable contributes to Shamanic Circles (www.shamaniccircles.org) a nonprofit organization that supports the practice and teaching of shamanism around the world. Or you can contact the treasurer for this organization to see how to make a contribution:
Lori Levine:

And for those of you needing some financial help, let your need be known. Most of us have times of plenty and times of need. We can respond accordingly.  Indeed, such ways of giving and receiving are what it means to live in shamanic community and aren’t we each trying to develop shamanic community in this 21st century---in the midst of all the challenges facing such goals and dreams?

Finally, to know further about my work and of my interests, I invite you to visit the various realms of this website. It is filled with images and descriptions of places, shamanic practices, Native American fluting and flute music, Circle events, and a variety of spiritual writings. Sometimes people will ask me ‘when are you going to write a book’ and my response is: I have written several small books but you can only get them through my website.” I say this not to be funny but to indicate that there is a wealth of material here: written, compiled, and organized by my husband, Bob. So enjoy !!

       And do return later for updates.

Please note: The sponsor or coordinator of each workshop listed below has a complete description of these workshops including details about the places, accessible airports, type of shamanic activities, and method of payment. If you are interested in participating in any of these workshops, these are the people to contact.

All these workshops have limited enrollment. I recommend you contact the indicated sponsors early to ensure participation. If for some reason you are unable to contact them, you can contact me at CedgarBear@aol.com. Or contact Pirkko Miller at:

Pirkko coordinates the Shamanic Visions schedule and can provide you with any necessary information.

 Calendar for 2007

(as of April 5, 2007) 

March 9 - 11
Shamanism for Women in the Healing Professions

Led by Santa Cruz Women Healers Drumming Circle
/Sequoia Retreat Center, Ben Lomond, (Santa Cruz County) California

 This is the tenth annual retreat for women in the healing professions. Originally titled “Modern Medicine and Traditional Healing,” the focus has shifted from a retreat primarily for women physicians to include women in the wide range of healing professions. Over the last six to seven years, we have primarily come from the fields of modern medicine and/or shamanic healing. It is an opportunity for women in these professions to join together, and to explore how shamanic methods can be used both for renewal of one’s self and of one’s professional life. The Women Healers Drum Circle in Santa Cruz spend some time prior to the retreat journeying to see about how we might focus ourselves over the weekend. However, we arrive to the beautiful Land where we gather ourselves and as a Circle, unfold through the time together.  Although the retreat focus in content, style, and participation changes over the years, the core issues remain the same as those that originally brought women together. For a description of these core issues, click here….this will take you to a generic brochure.

Cost: Fees range from $260 to $340 depending on lodging. This covers all workshop expenses (except travel) for Fri. night through Sunday noon.

Contact: Dr. Rosalind Shorenstein, AMWA, Branch 59. 700 Frederick St., Ste. 103, Santa Cruz, CA 95062, phone: (831) 458-1002

 April 20 – 22

Dreaming on behalf of ShamanicCircles – a small group of us will be traveling to Thetis Island, British Columbia to see if a retreat site there…and the greater Land and Sea welcomes us to do our next international Shamanic Circles gathering there in 2008. If you are not aware of shamanic circles, then go to the website: www.shamaniccircles.org. We have just posted WebPages depicting our experiences from this October’s gathering in Oracle, Arizona.

 June 27 – July 1, 2007
Working Theme: Light on the Path

The 3rd Annual Society for Shamanic Practitioners Conference
Menla Mountain Retreat
Phoenicia, NY

Contact: http://www.shamansociety.org

August 10 – 12, 2007
The Body as the Shaman’s Teacher

Philadelphia, PA
workshop description

Contact: Veronica Lamb: shamanictraining@yahoo.com

 Sept 10 – 16, 2007
Women, Shamanism, and BearMedicine

Seven-Day Intensive Experiential Retreat
Blacktail Ranch, Wolf Creek, Montana
(2 hrs. from Great Falls, MT)
Assisted by Susan Gilliland and Pirkko Miller 

This is the announcement just posted about this workshop.. A more complete description will be posted at the end of Winter.

However, if you wish to learn more about ‘what we do’ or share with another sister, then go to follow the links in this website to BearMedicine materials. This is the sixteenth year of teaching and doing these medicine circles. Anyone reading these previous letters and articles I have written will have a good understanding of how we do ourselves in Circle and the nature of this medicine walk.

 Contact: Pirkko Miller at swanwoman@kconline.com
or phone: (574) 834-3460