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Bear Medicine is what I call the shamanic path I've been walking and teaching for the last 10 years. Over these years I have led Circles with Women called "Shamanism, Women, and Bear Medicine." However, Bear medicine is widespread throughout the Northern Hemisphere. I have also led groups with men and women on BearMedicine. And I am indebted to men who practice BearMedicine as well as to the Women who have walked this path since first Bear and humans encountered each other. In that first encounter, humans realized Bear was a Supreme Teacher: both in Bear's Earthly form and ways; and in Bear's appearance in spiritual form: through journeys, dreams, visions.

I focus this work primarily with women because that's the "Call" I received and am keeping. Yet wherever I walk, in my teaching, and my healing activities, I have been blessed to have Bear accompany and tend me. Thank you Bear—may I do well by You.

The materials in this area of ShamanicRealms is useful for anyone interested in Bear as a physical and spiritual teacher and friend in this world. Since Bear is the "form" which Spirit often comes to me, the materials here are related to all areas of shamanism. Anyone interested in shamanic practices will find useful materials here. If you have any experiences with "Bear" on your shamanic path, I would be delighted to hear from you. If you have information or know references related to Bears (not necessarily 'shamanic'), I would be delighted to know of these. I am always seeking to be more educated and informed about Bears.

Today is Feb. 11, 2000 and I am leaving to join Sandra Ingerman in teaching and assisting with the Foundation for Shamanic Studies' two week program. When I return I will be preparing for the large international shamanic gathering that Tending Sacred Circles is sponsoring in Arizona in April. My current work involves tending to these gatherings until the end of April. After that I will be adding new BearMedicine materials to this site. Meanwhile I am providing you with links to the articles, photos, and poems which existed at our previous site Shamanic Visions. I invite you to explore them.

The first link is to BearWalker for this will give you a sense of the importance and the realms through which Bear walks: tending, healing, mending this world -- doing this work as faithfully as do Sun and Moon circle the Earth. And also counting on us, to join in this tending and mending.

So, first go a'roaming through these linkings with Bear. Return in late April. Just as MotherBear emerges with cubs in the Spring, so too will there be births in BearDreams. Actually this is in rhythm with Bear's ways as so well expressed in the following poem, Driving Through the Wind River Reservation: A Poem of Black Bear by Mary Oliver.

In the time of snow, in the time of sleep.
The rivers themselves changed into links
of white iron, holding everything. Once
she woke deep in the leaves under
the fallen tree and peered
through the loose bark and saw him:
a tall white bone
with thick shoulders, like a wrestler,
roaring the saw-toothed music
of wind and sleet, legs pumping
up and down the hills.
Well, she thought, he'll wear himself out
running around like that.
She slept again
while he drove on through the trees,
snapping off the cold pines, grasping,
rearranging over and over
the enormous drifts. Finally one morning
the sun rose up like a pot of blood
and his knees buckled.
Well, she whispered from the leaves,
that's that. In the distance
the ice began to boom and wrinkle
and a dampness
that could not be defeated began
to come from her, her breathing
enlarged, oh, tender mountain, she rearranged
herself so that the cubs
could slide from her body, so that the rivers
would flow.

Blessings to each of you Gratitude to Bear and especially to MotherBear who has brought such blessings into my life and into the lives of others who walk with her.

Carol Proudfoot CEdgarBear@AOL.com

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