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Introducing a variety of books in pdf format.

In the Mac Safari browser, clicking on the link opens the book in a book reader called Adobe Acrobat.

If you want to download the book for prining, holding down the control key while clicking the link opens a popup menu in which you can choose "download linked file". I don't know what PC's do.

If you have a broadband connection things happen pretty quickly. However, with a 56K modem expect several or many minutes delay.

Please enjoy our offerings,

Bob & Carol Edgar

Tibetan monks in training
312 KB
This is a series of photos of monks in training at a monastery outside of Lhasa in Tibet. We happened upon them during a visit to China and Tibet in 1987. The book was assembled by iPhoto.

Africa One: Nairobi to Amboseli
1.3 MB
The first leg of a camping safari we took through Kenya and Tanzania by truck in 1989. The trip matched anything I have seen on PBS or the Animal Planet. Featured in this episode is our arrival in Nairobi and our visit to Amboseli park on the slopes of Kilimanjaro. Carol took most of the photos. The book was assembled by iPhoto.

Africa Two
1.9 MB
The second leg takes us to Lake Naivashiva and then over the equator at 7000 ft past Mt. Kenya to Samboru Park.

Israel the Book
Our pilgimage to Israel in 1999. best printed and read as a book of poetry and reflections.

Israel the Picture Book
2.5 MB
Just the pictures from our trip to Isael.

Africa Three
2.2 MB
after leaving Samboru Park we traveled through thorn forest into the rift valley and visited lakes Borango and and Nakuru and then up onto the part of the Sertengeti plains that in Kenya is called the Masai Mara.

Oracle 2006-ebook
2.8 MB (low resolution) - book of images and words fro the Oracle 2006 gathering

17 MB (high resolution) - book of images and words fro the Oracle 2006 gathering

Dan's Place
7 MB


Once the book opens I first adjust the magnification of the reader to 100% (command – or command +) so that I can see the whole page and then I launch forward using the arrow keys to change pages. I can always pause zoom in or out and then continue or look back. All from the keyboard.

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