updated June 28 2009

Carol's Newsletters

   Newsletters are a my way of sharing reflections on the practice of contemporary shamanism.
For years, I have written on ceremony and significant seasonal cycles or events, e.g. the Solstices and the Equinoxes. In addition, I try to track  the collective issues surfacing within the shamanic community and then address these issues from my perspective. Some of the newsletters focus on the reasons my teaching for that year will focus on certain topics.
This year I have begun writing newsletters more frequently and plan to have a monthly newsletter. These newsletters are written on behalf of the nonprofit, Shamanic Circles, with links at that site and this site.
Over the years, I have received many responses to these newsletters and nearly always, they result in delightful email conversations on shamanic issues. I welcome any responses people may have to these commentaries and I will respond if I am in town.