Isabelle's Page

The search for the stick begins. Dominique and Carol lead the way into the forest.
Mathilde, then Stephan and Isabelle follow. ProudHorse wants to come too.

Dominique finds the stick. Carol and Dominique plant the stick.
The making of the Prayer Tree begins.

Prayers are added to the stick and decorated with wool and feathers.
One for Mommy, one for Daddy, for the plants, the little birds, for Wolf and "one for little wolf".

We finish tying on the prayers and send them winging off with our songs and rattling.

And now the special blessing of Isabelle begins.
"With the full Moon the Geese came across the skies. I will bless you with the full Moon"

"With the full Circle of Life I have blessed you. May you live many Winters.
With these half marks I bless you. They are called Half Moons
May they shine on you for eternity. Like forever"

We return home and leave the Prayer Tree to communicate its messages to the Spirits and creatures of the forest.

Back at the farm, Dominique "runs the goats" aided and abetted by Carol and Isabelle.

Carol, Mathilde, Dominique, Isabelle, Stephan, the goats, and the invisible photographer, Bob.
We all (except for the goats) say goodbye to this magical place and time.
May it reside in our hearts forever and forever more.

The end is the beginning.

© Copyright, Carol Proudfoot-Edgar,, July 1998
This page was posted on July 21, 1998,
Revised March 2, 2000