Welcome to Ancient Voices:
a shamanic visit to Conamarra

A Shamanic Meander through Western Ireland, in Conamarra,
near Clifden, an English-built town on an inlet to the sea.

Below is a slide show of the panoramic view from the hill above Malmore House near Clifden. Looking west, one sees out the inlet to the sea, to the north, the eye sweeps to the slopes across the sound, then east toward Clifden and the Conamarra Hills and finally south around toward Galway

Below is a quicktime virtual reality panorama of the view from the top of Malmore Hill. To try to capture the splendor of this view I spliced photos together and made a QTVR (QuickTime Virtual Reality) panorama. Loading time is maybe 2 minutes. To look around in the panorama, put the cursor in the picture and click to select. Press the option key to zoom in, press the control key to zoom out. Mouse button down takes you right or left, up or down.

We visited the great stones, those ancient voices, aligned to greet the solstice sun. We rattled the great stones with our rattles, and we listened to them. We played to them, we whispered to them, we sang to them, we ate with them, we slept with them, and we honored them, the great stones, the ancient voices.

On Malmore Hill, we honored this place and the spirits that abide here. We sang our songs Said goodbye and left our prayers to the winds. 
This page was first posted on March 4, 1998
revised February 27, 2000