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This area of our websight will display and comment on our experiences of the power of Spirit of Place.

This page carry links to all the pages here so you should use this as the home page. The Eagle Dancer is a link to this page on the banner above.

The Pages

Prayer Trees

This page contains images of prayer trees we have placed in varous places and an Essay by Carol on Prayer Trees

Our Tipi

Our Home is a Sacred Place and our Tipi is a Sacred Place within our Home.


Images from a workshop Carol offered in the wild Conamarra area in Western Ireland.

You will find three slide shows and a panoramic QTVR (quicktime virtual reality) image. Hold your mouse button down on the image and cruise around. How to zoom is given on the control bar.

The images take quite a while to load and do their things. Please be patient! I suggest you go there, then open a new home page and go somewhere else for a while and then come back to Conamarra. It's worth the wait.

Isabelle's Page

Photo's of a Prayer Tree Ceremony in a Dutch forest.

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Posted March 2, 2000