Weaving with Others
ShamanicCircles & Other Resources

     Below is a limited list of organizations or websites: these are groups with which I am affiliated or they are websites that I find specially useful to individuals seeking to study and to practice shamanism.
I also encourage people to support the nonprofit organizations through volunteer service and/or financially.
     I do not intend to list the many shamanic websites now available. I only list those with which I have direct experience because this is the only way I can know what I am supporting. And with the few that I do list, I track the ongoing policies and practices of these sites to make sure they are congruent with my own philosophy for supporting shamanism, indigenous peoples, and the planet.
However, I do encourage folks to explore shamanism on the large Web called the Internet---there is a veritable feast of resouces as far as indirect information and study!

Shamanic Circles (www.shamaniccircles.org) is a nonprofit several of us formed in the mid-nineties as an organization devoted to fostering the practice of shamanism and the development of shamanic circles around the world. This website has several resources including a shamanic circles around the world, material from international shamanic gatherings, and communications between circles and individuals about their experiences in the practice of shamanism. There is material specific to Circles joining together to do ceremony for the Summer and Winter Solstices; this material may be useful for those wishing to develop Circle ceremony.
Material from the International Circle Gatherings illustrate themes and activities considered important to practitioners of shamanism from around the world. Anyone wishing to find a Drum Circle they can join may be  helped by the information at the Global Circles page. If you wish to receive updates about the activities of Shamanic Circles, you can send your name and email to the coordinator whose contact information is at the SC website.

The Society for Shamanic Practitioners - www.shamansociety.org/
This is an international organization of people whose goal is to support the re-emergence of shamanic wisdom into modern, western culture. A bi-annual journal and monthly e-newsletter are included with membership to help educate practitioners about contemporary and traditional shamanic philosophies and practices, and to inform members of relevant current events.

Shaman Portal: The Global Resource for all things Shamanic: www.shamanportal.org
I am listing this website because, using it many links, one can connect with nearly every resource
on contemporary shamanism (books, people, film, workshops, conferences, etc.). It provides the most extensive listing of links of any website currently on the internet.

Sandra Ingerman's Medicine for the Earth  (http://www.shamanicvisions.com/ingerman.html)
In addition to being an excellent teacher and writer, Sandy is a dear friend of mine. Since she first started publishing a monthly newsletter, my husband has created and carried a Webpage of the newsletter which also contains links to her other sites.

The Foundation for Shamanic Studies (www.shamanism.org)
The is the website for the Foundation for Shamanic Studies - the Foundation established and sustained by Michael Harner. The site is a resource of core courses in nearly all the major areas of shamanism. In the early nineties, I trained with Michael and then was appointed to the faculty of FSS and have connected with FSS until 2008. My own teaching no longer allowed time for me to teach these courses. I highly recommend the training programs of FSS for those seeking knowledge in, and the desire to practice, shamanism.

David Cumes   (http://davidcumes.com/)
David's specialty is African shamanism. One of the reasons I am listing his website is because our 1989 journeys in Africa were the inspirational source for quitting my job (when we returned home) and undertaking the full time study, practice and teaching of  shamanism. I recommend his books and, if you have the opportunity, to arrange for a 'bone divination' session with him.

Kokopelli's Realm www.shamanicvisions.com/music-folder/music.html
 A realm of mostly shamanic and native american flute music put up my my spouse Bob Edgar