July 15 &16
Ancestral Shamanism

Los Angeles, California

We are the Vessel of our Ancestors
Stretching back to the bursting Stars,
to Blue-Green Algae, to countless
organic and inorganic forms.
Arriving in our Present Age
We are the walking history of our human lineage
Our potential and our wisdom,
the Seeds for future generations.

Ancestors are those beings who have "come before," left their tracings in this world, and prepared the way for future generations. Whether of human, animal, mineral or some other form, Shamanic peoples know that the Ancestors are sources of great wisdom, to be honored and available for help when called upon. Thousands of years from now, our descendants will be journeying back to us and we will be with the Ancestral Spirits form whom we are seeking guidance now.

Ancestral Shamanism involves learning ways to reconnect with the Old Ones, to find the gifts they left for us, to know and embrace our spiritual inheritance. In this weekend, we shall do journeys and shamanic explorations connecting us with our spiritual, biological, and ecological Ancestors. Using shamanic methods, we will search for our original homelands, clan names, totemic guardian spirits, creation stories, medicine powers, tribal songs, dances and our ceremonies. As we discover and un-cover these, we gather up the great collective powers and wisdom available to us all. We shall learn how to call forth, join forces with, and reclaim our ancient lineages and the medicine powers abiding with potential in the vary marrow of our bones.Weaving the threads from our powerful shamanic lineages, we will find the strength, the visions, and resources to live with greatness of heart, to contribute in a sacred way to our present times, on behalf of All and for those coming down the future trails.

Costs: $170 if received by June 15; $190 for registration after June 15.

To register: send a deposit of $75, payable to Dan Jordinelli. If cancellation is received three weeks prior to the course, deposits, minus a $50 registration fee, will be returned. More information will be sent when registration is received.

Contact: Dan Jordinelli, 6048 Hayes Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90042,
Phone (323) 258-0982; E-mail: jordinelli@earthlink.net

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