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"Word doctoring" is a shamanic term indicating the powerful medicine held within the gift of language. This includes language in all forms: prose, poetry, hand signals (sign language), and designs left in rocks across the Earth.
The OwlSpirit figure that takes you to this area of word doctoring was made by my soulsister, Pirkko Miller. For me, OwlSpirit represents seeing and singing the visionary images in shamanic realms that we then try to use our language to express.
I will be 'offering' materials in this area on a monthly basis, if not more frequently. Today is February 27, 2000. I will be 'tending' two shamanic retreats during March and April but will definitely put some posting at this site between these retreats. I invite you to revisit this area of 'word doctoring' each month to discover the medicines Spirit gifts us through word doctoring.
I begin by focusing on the Art of Circling because "Circle and Spiral" are the primary forms held by us, and holding us, in our pilgrimage through this world and beyond. Monthly writings will be those inspired by Spirit as I listen attentively to what medicine wishes to be shared.
If you have some area of interested you wish to see addressed, please write me. I envision having a section called "shamanic dialogues" that will be conversations I am privileged to have with many other walkers of this path from many different lands...we dialogue across the internet and these conversations have been a source of inspiration and education between me and others.

With gratitude to 'language' in all its forms,

In additon to my writing, I am going to start adding links to other shamanic websites. There are many places that already have extensive links available to shamanic sites. I am not interested in duplicating these efforts. My links will be limited to individuals whom I know and/or who have asked me to direct folks to their websites. I am especially interested in links to shamanism from different cultures. This is Sept. 24, 2007. At the moment, I'm listing a link to David Cumes' website. David's specialty is in African shamanism.

I have read David's book, The Spirit of Healing, and highly recommend it. I'm looking forward to reading his other two books during my time of Winter nourishment. David practices the gift of bone divination, among other arts, and this particular form of divination is a very ancient shamanic practice. If you have the time and opportunity, schedule a visit with David and ask him to do such divination with you or other shamanic healing that he, with his helping spirits, finds appropriate for you at the time.
     Working with individuals adept in the various shamanic traditions out of Africa can be highly nourishing and profoundly revealing of one's place in the larger web of Becoming.
     It was my own sojourn in Africa in 1989 that led to my decision to leave my position at the University of California, Santa Cruz, and devote myself full time to the shamanic path. When we touch into the wisdom of those lands and their ways, we are touching the River of Light that flows through our bones in a deep continuous relationship with all our Ancestors.
     Because of my own shamanic experiences and because David practices these ancient African ways, it gives me special joy to link ShamanicVisions to David's website.


The Art of Shamanic Circling

This first Webpage "The Art of Shamanic Circling" contains materials which are in books appearing this Spring or will be published in the future. Please do not print or distribute this material without my permission as you may jeopardize my relationship with the publishers and editors of these books.

However, I care about all of us learning more how to do shamanic circling. So I am going to be posting on this webpage, various writings that speak to Circling. These will include materials related to the tools we use (drums, rattles, crystals, etc.), singing, journeying,. For me, to write of "shamanic circling" requires both prose and poems for Circling itself is a lyrical nonlinear activity.

If you have any topics you would like to see addressed, comments, or questions, write me at

The first "piece" for this webpage is about the Drum for it is the Drum which calls and holds us in Circle. Blessings to all those beings from whose lives our drums are made. Blessings to our Ancestors who kept alive the Drum. And blessings to all Drum Circles, those now existing, those yet to be born.

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