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Organizing expeditions to Peru and Mexico, ceremonies, and shamanic diets and assisting the few remaining genuine shamans to require considerable time and finances. Your financial assistance will be highly appreciated if you aspire to support me and my work.


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It is feasible to receive funds from a bank card of any nation and via Paypal. To do so, kindly send me a message using the contact information provided below, including details about the country and bank. I will furnish you with the necessary information for transferring the funds.

Email for contact: [email protected]
Telegram for contact: @aleksei_ayaua

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Aleksei Ayaua
Aleksei Ayaua

My name is Aleksei. I relish wandering to different corners of the world. I am the progenitor of this website. I am professionally engaged in IT, and my avocation entails delving into shamanic practices.

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