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Buffalo Medicine and Shamanic Community 
A Retreat at Pendle Hill Quaker Retreat Center Wallingford, PA
August 11 - August 14, 2011
With Carol Proudfoot-Edgar & Susan Gilliland
and Coordinated by Gail Walker

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Sept 11 - 17, 2011:

Bear Medicine & Buffalo Wisdom: Two Sides of the Same Coin
Blacktail Ranch, Wolf Creek Montana (for information click this link)
****Further information about 2011 workshops will be posted here Jan 1, 2011
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Bear Medicine

Since 1991 I have been apprenticed to BearSpirit and tracking her in both ordinary and nonordinary worlds. I have developed a series of core teachings for those wishing to pursue this Medicine Way. This Realm provides materials, from contemporary and ancestral sources, on BearMedicine such as stories, healing practices, divinatory methods, dreaming, and ceremonies.

Carol's NewsLetters

Newsletters are my way of sharing reflections on the practice of contemporary shamanism.

Carol's Workshops

This realm has my current year’s calendar of workshop offerings. It includes materials related to a particular workshop e.g. coordinator information, description of retreat sites, and articles about the focus of the workshop.

Carol's Workshop Archives illustrate the broad range of my shamanic interests and teaching. Within the archives are special letters and material on the topics.

Kindred Spirits: Our Animal Companions

This realm of ShamanicVisions is devoted to deepening our respect and responsibilities for the animals with whom we share planet Earth. We focus on both those animals with whom we share our homes and those dwelling within the wilderness, sky, and oceans of our Planet.

Sacred Times & Places

We have posted here…and will continue to update….some of our experiences in the relationship of Place – Spirit – People. This realm is offered from the perspective of people coming together and doing ceremony or creating ways of making prayer while traveling together. From the Galilee to California to Ireland to the Netherlands, we continue to discover we are one family with all beings and wth Earth herself.

Shamanic Journeys through I-Books

Here is a collection of i-Books that Bob has created. These i-Books depict our journeys in Tibet, Africa, Israel, Oracle, Esalen and places within the US. They are richly illustrated with photos taken in these lands..they range from Monks in training in Tibet to Circles gathering in the Arizona Desert. I recommend these for those moments when you wish to visit other cultures an places using your shamanic eyes.

Like the Owls on our land here, I am awake in the Night hours.This is my favorite time for reading. By my bedside are shelves stacked with shamanic materials to peruse. This is not intended to be an exhaustive list -- are simply books I have found invaluable. If you have suggestions, send me information and your reasons for recommending. Thus will the list continue to grow!

Weaving with Others – ShamanicCircles

This is the realm for the description and links to other groups or websites with which I am
affiliated or have some special focus I wish to support at Shamanic Visions.

Writings from Carol's Shamanic Walk

In this realm are some of the articles I have written over the years. Eventually some of the material may appear in a published form so if you wish to distribute, please ask permission and give attribution. I hope these writings are useful for those of us in the shamanic community for this is one way we can the gifts from Spirit and other Helping Beings.

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